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DAMSON is a prototype that I had planned to work as a screensaver creator. The user could upload sounds and effects that could be placed on the screen to create a visual representation of a song that they've created. It was not originally my concept, my plan was to make something that was more of a game than a sandbox screensaver creator. I am overall very happy with how this project turned out, being a prototype I had planned to add many more features, but the overall aesthetic was there.

Towards the end of development, my lecturer actually convinced me to change a lot of the features. this meant that I would need to remake everything essentially, which wasn't too difficult to be honest. This new concept made creating a lot easier and more aesthetically pleasing.

Some extra features I would consider adding would be:

- Grid snapping

- effect customisation

- Sound effect upload capabilities

- Conversion from a looped track to a screensaver

Overall I was very happy with what I had created, even though It can't create what I had originally wanted it too, designing it was a nice process.

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Published247 days ago
AuthorKyle Gordon

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