A downloadable game for Windows

This is the first of many rapid prototype projects to come, I wouldn't bother downloading it, I spent very little time on it. this project focused on creating 2D sprite animations and the theme came from picking 2 words from out of a hat. On top of that, the game had to be made so that it could only be played using one button, kind of a 'flappy bird' type concept.

I went into this task with the intention of making a really stupid looking game, I am confident I managed to pull that off. It was really badly made, it is unbalanced, choppy and largely incomplete. But it is just a rapid prototype, I simply did what I needed to in order to see if it could be a decent game concept, which it wasn't.

Install instructions

Please don't bother

I'm sure you'd have better things to do than download this mess of a game.


Flirtatious Chicken.zip 1 MB