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Rooftop Warfare is my attempt at trying to mimic one of my favourite games as a kid, Battlecity. I went into this project thinking, "this is going to be easy, I've done all of this before, Ill be done in one week." this game was a nightmare, one of the requirement of the project was to create our own 3D models with animation. I had never done that before and so I really struggled to get it working properly. When creating the concept I struggled to design something that wasn't too similar to the original, which meant no tanks. I had the idea of using robots instead, but from there I didn't know where to go, I ended up with the story being you are a robot trying to protect its masters rooftop garden from enemy robots.

Probably one of the worst parts about Rooftop Warfare's development was the issue of movement, both the player and enemy AI movement was a nightmare. I redid the player movement over 10 times which messed me up really badly, It was so simple yet so irritating. The AI movement was a bit easier, using Navmesh was one option, but I really wanted it to match the original movement patterns seen in Battlecity. so I created a really messy script that roughly did what I wanted it to but I ended up changing it towards the end because it simply annoyed me too much.

So yeah, wasn't a lot of fun to make, didn't turn out at all how I wanted it to and honestly I'm very embarrassed at how I handled the project as a whole. It's been about 5 or more weeks since I finished the project and I feel like I've come so much further since then, I even went back and fixed up to animation to and acceptable level. But there is no way I'll be working on this game further, It'll just bring back bad memories.

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Published247 days ago
AuthorKyle Gordon

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