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What's Your Problem is a group project I was Lead Designer for, with the help of Simon Furrer (Lead Programmer), Ho yin Wong(3D Modeller), and Dayne Johnson(Sound Engineer).

the project asked us to create a game that is a reflection of one topic that we had discussed during the course. We chose mediated violence, more specifically violence in video games. we wanted a game that showed that violent games act as stress relief from every day life and so we made a parody of early Mortal Kombat games where you have frustration instead of health. hitting your opponent lowers your frustration and when you run out of frustration you win.

The project went pretty well overall, there were some extra features that we wanted to implement but sadly couldn't due to time constraints.

Logos and Font - CoolText.com

Soundtracks - Youtube Audio Library

Firebreather - Silent Panther

Run - Ethan Meixsell

Double Helix(Sting) - Ethan Meixsell

Animation and Rigging - Mixamo.com/auto-rigger

Fire Effects - FX Fire Free - Kandol55

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Published Dec 09, 2016
AuthorKyle Gordon


What'sYourProblem.zip 32 MB

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