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Doggo is a game inspired by my own experiences having a young and destructive dog. It features a main menu and 4 levels, each more difficult than the last. You play as Doggo, a black Labrador Pup, whose only purpose in life is to scoot around on the floor and destroy all of the socks he can find.

Each level is setup the same way, It was my initial intention to have 4 distinctly different rooms each representing a different part of a house, but I felt like it would be a better idea to develop the gameplay a bit more instead. Anyway, each Room/Level features one or more human that will patrol around the room randomly. The player must avoid the humans sight when holding onto a sock otherwise they will chase after them to try and put them outside. socks are scattered across the floor in set positions for each stage and so to complete a stage each one must be destroyed.

I really enjoyed making this game, right from the beginning I knew this would be a very fun and interesting project. I managed to redeem myself over the last few projects by making something that I actually am proud of. It has working 3D model Animations, a good soundtrack(Credit goes to Kevin MacLeod), more than one level, a main menu and an actual Lose/win state.

If I was to do any more I would create more assets and possibly add more sound effects, right now it is really bland and repetitive. If I was able to I would make additional items like a towel or a shoe with different durability and maybe a more in-depth scoring system that includes losing points every time you are captured. But overall I'm very happy with what I was able to produce in only a few weeks.

thanks for reading

Odyssey Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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