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Freedom to America is an FPS shooter where the player must save America by killing all the terrorists that are attacking the Whitehouse. Killing targets awards the player with Freedom Points which they can then use to purchase upgrades to their weapon at the end of each level.

This game was inspired by Light gun games like Virtua Cop and Time Crisis with character sprites similar in style to those used in the original Mortal Kombat.

That's about it, it's not bad.

Install instructions

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F2Av8.zip 166 MB


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I feel as though head shots should have more worth than arm shots. Maybe make an option where you can shoot the dynamite in the bomber's hand to blow him up.

At one point there were headshots, but I decided to remove them because:

1 - it was either too easy or too hard

2 - there was never a good balance for the amount of points it would reward

3 - I ran out of time

It's likely I'll never fix any of these issues, but I still appreciate the feedback.

I have manged to break the game by using the grenade launcher on the wall were you are supposed to go on the second level in the president area,

Which wall exactly and in what way did it break?

the wall from the presidents room, as soon as you finish and go to the small room on the right with the table that sits on the left of the screen.

Oh yeah, I remember that one, It's happened before but I thought I fixed it. I'll check it out and maybe update it. Thanks for the info.