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You are an elite soldier who has returned home from a year-long mission to find that their entire world is in ruins. You are attacked upon entry but you manage to make it to one of your military bases alive. Accessing the data logs within you find that the base is abandoned, no sign of life anywhere, not even of the invaders. You decide to Venture further into the facility to access further information about the fate of your world.

Return has you fight you way through a number of drones, traps and challenges using a range of unique skills. Shoot your enemies with your rifle or grab them with your energy whip and fling them against a wall, you may also grab bombs and switches. Phase out of existence to avoid damage for a limited time, move 30% faster and also slip past any enemies on lookout. Charge an energy pulse and release it into the area around you or in a cone in front of you to force enemies and projectiles away from yourself. 

This is a short game that is meant to be a prologue for a larger and more in depth game. It is being developed by me and the others that are part of Dungeon Door Games, the people that made Loot Nubs. 

Game-Pad Required


Return.zip 121 MB

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